Embossed Leather Burgundy Alligator: Genuine Leather 2.5-3 oz. - Perfect for Handbags and Leather Crafts!

Artisan Cowhides


Burgundy Embossed Alligator Smooth

A premium production leather tanned specifically for Artisan Cowhides for a reliable and consistent quality product. Burgundy Embossed Alligator Smooth is an embossed Leather hide, with an Alligator embossing. The combination of burgundy colors makes it beautiful for any kind of Leather Project, perfect for upholstery and leather goods such as handbags and wallets and other Leather crafts projects.

Name: Embossed Caiman Smooth
Code: FTO19001SA
Color: Burgundy
Thickness (mm/oz) : 1.0 mm - 1.2 mm/ 2.5 oz - 3 oz
Size (sqft): 40 avg

Sold by:
- 1/2 Hide - 20 sqft
- 1 full Hide - 40 sqft

100% Genuine Cowhide Leather 

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